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冬天英语作文 篇1

  I love spring, you can also contribute All flowers bloom together., I love hot summer, I also love the autumn fruits, but I love the winter because of snow Snow gleams white., when the whole world becomes pure white world.

  The snow in the sky is like drifting profusely and disorderly fall in the fairy and Mussaenda yinhua. Always like to see here the grass is sweet to sleep, the river is frozen, and the small trees are also changed to white clothes. Snowflakes are like naughty children. They keep dancing with the wind, free and easy, some of them fall on tall buildings, some fall on the path leading to schools, and some fall in fields. It is a big snow."

  Some of the children also made an appointment with me to make a snowman. We made a big snowman and gradually grew up.

  After school, there was a sound of music in the distance. Snow accompanied by beautiful music, with snowflakes in the sky flying all over the sky music, the name of our hands, the whole world is like the legend of the "magic pen Ma Liang", draw the white and pure world.

  I looked at the sky and said, "ah! I love your white winter. "

冬天英语作文 篇2












  Every man's way of growing up will be met with a setback, a bumpy, and a winter in life. But there will be sunshine in the cold winter, and I grow up on the road full of sunshine.

  Still under the rain, through the rain, all the distant hazy, rain from the umbrella to fall, I was alone in the rain.

  Walking on this road, I remember happy time with Xiao Bai. Xiao Bai is a puppy I raised. It is lively and lovely. On a rainy day last month, Xiao Bai had a serious illness and left me forever. Watching it lying still there, her soft body slowly became stiff, and I was so sad that I had nothing to do with anything.

  Mother saw me comforting me like this and encouraging me: "child, Xiao Bai likes playing with you most. If it sees you so sad, it will be unhappy too." Yes! I should be optimistic about life. I should be happy to see me in the sky.

  My mother's words seemed to be a ray of sunshine in the winter, and the dark clouds were shining on me, and I was full of vitality.

  "Shua" Chinese paper is I tore off a corner, and looked at the exam papers, the title, all is careless, really should not be ah! In my achievement is worrying, the teacher from behind me walked over, patted my shoulder and told me the papers on the wrong topic, in my book outlined the key questions, the teacher gentle tone, let me feel very warm.

  The teacher laughed at me. His smile was beautiful, and from her eyes he could see his eagerly hope for me.

  The teacher's smile seemed to be a ray of sunshine in the winter. The light was so dazzling that I got up the courage and made me have the confidence and determination to go up. The light ignited a fire in my heart and made me move forward.

  "Alas! The problem is how much trouble ah, I thought did not put it out." You hear me at the table. "This is a very simple problem." As she said, she took out a piece of paper to start drawing and explained it to me carefully. I heard a sudden realization that it was so simple that I thought it was too complicated.

  To help the students like the sunshine in winter, the light pierced the darkness, illuminate the soul, make it clear to me.

  Winter is so cold, but there will always be a ray of sunshine on you, on your way forward, give you warmth, give you encouragement and help. Let you go a little bit to success and go to glory.

冬天英语作文 篇3

  As if never sample cold today, my sister and I never like to wake up so early today.

  I discovered one goggle is gone with the wind with the snow outside the window, big one big one.

  I cried: "snow." For the first time see the snow.

  In fact, this will be the last time we saw the snow. There is a old man excited speech on TV last night. What he 'UN polar governance committee, he tells us; The inhabitants of the earth will never be cold to say goodbye, as long as spend this last winter. According to the theory of what, what equipment do use spent many countries on how much money... These we didn't be careful to listen to more, also not understand, understand, into the heart is only a word; This is the last winter.





冬天英语作文 篇4

  I was born in Guangdong, the southernmost province in mainland China where in winter the temperature seldom falls be low 5C. For the past 19 years, I had never seen snow. I couldn't remember from when I had been dreaming of seeing a real snow, and experiencing a bleak winter.


冬天英语作文 篇5

  Through the clear window, see the trees in the street, had very brave hits the trees standing there, now already very "tired", but also has been bending is not a sample.

  Everyone remember the energetic people outside to play badminton or in the exercise, can now but didn't see it anymore...

  Although the winter is a beautiful season with snow, but it is wanton spread of influenza has left many people ill in this season, even lost his precious life.

  Winter, please don't spread the germ, don't let the green "sentry" is not a sample, or just let the snow you give me a memorable season!!!!





冬天英语作文 篇6

  I like winter best. Though it is very cold, it is good for skating. I often go skating on Sundays with my father. When it snows, everything turns white. Trees and houses are covered with thick snow. How beautiful the world looks! My friends and I like to make snowmen. Sometimes we make snowballs and throw them at each other. That's a very interesting game. I like winter holiday very much because the Spring Festival is the happiest time of the year.