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冬天英语作文 篇1

  冬天 Winter

  My favorite season is winter, because I like the cold weather in winter and I like dress warm clothes. Winter is the fourth season in the year. It begins around December. In the northern part of China, it usually snows in winter, so it’s a white season. There are many snow games to have fun in the winter. But in the south, it hardly snows. When it rains, it becomes very cold. People barely go to the outdoors.


冬天英语作文 篇2

  In winter, the weather gets cold. Everyone is wearing very thick clothes. Clothes are very beautiful, more beautiful is the snow.

  One day, the weather suddenly cooled. The sky is cloudy, for a while, big flower big flower snow falling from the sky down. Snowflakes are flying over the wind blowing, floating on the ground, the trees, the field ... ... the world put on a silver dress, the beauty of the metaphor.

  You see, the branches on both sides of the street are hairy, sparkling silver bars and fluffy pine, heavy snowballs. In the snow surrounded, the branches are covered with snow. The scene is so beautiful!

  Fine, the students began to play snow, and some snowman, and some snowball fights, and some in the above ski ... ... play can be happy. Winter scene really beautiful ah!

冬天英语作文 篇3

  Red vicissitudes, years leisurely. Life on the road is taking a long time, who will feel tired! Moreover, there will be this or that kind of trouble and pain. Experience the cycle of seasons, experience the worldly transformation, almost everyone can not escape, since it can not escape, then calm in the face, calmly accepted.

  There is no perfect thing, and then there are also extraordinary species is famous label, and then nasty season have to be proud of the capital, another ugly creatures also have the benefit of all beings Tips. The same is true in life, no matter how experienced the ups and downs and hardships, no matter how cruel and merciless life, watching open, bearish, everything also relieved, to see how you understand life, how to look at life.

  Those days on the middle shift, is still the same as in hibernating creatures, from the beginning of the day at noon, no spirit, no energy, just doing their own inertia should do the job. Forgot to speak, forget the sentiment, forget their heart is still, forget the winter is past, forget the winter wind blowing is quietly coming spring, which was decadent own twenty days had finished, now turn to the day shift, and life should be back on track all begin to take.

  Life on the road who can not avoid injuries, life is like the moon, profit and loss cycle, if the simple understanding of life as a request, or that lucky, so is a neglect of the meaning of life, life is precisely the thick retain their purity of heart or is understood to be tolerant, the crossroads of life go, tangled heart will subside, not to let people like ice, the most pleasant is that spring.

  We use an objective understanding of life, life is never flat too, through rain and wind to go, this is the earth, the light of the sour sweet salty, and had a heart imbalance sad, living the daily life, not change anything Only have a most insipid attitude, how to live life? A little wide, and a little.

  Do not take life so strange to live this jjourney, I am sorry for the people around him, because of his personality and emotions, seeing colleagues did not take the initiative to say hello, please forgive my solitary provision, the winter wind to spring and warm sun, I willing to work hard to change yourself. Whenever the dead of night, recalled his own experience all day, like a breath of wind lashed himself. Winter wind blowing, blowing more sober.

  Life is so extraordinary was no longer ordinary, extraordinary experience, feel ordinary, just as a tree leaf, after extracting new green, when falling, totally can not help themselves, the only thing we can stick to that, after falling quietly into the mud disabilities, wait the next spring, and then pull out the new green.

  Time to push the age to go, ordinary days, but the time to push away, the winter wind is blowing, the winter has passed, can not change the fact that the advent of spring, the day flash, flash a year, as the years goes by like water, yesterday in increments tomorrow at decreasing life until yesterday reached the highest value, while the zero tomorrow.

  Life is so ordinary, extraordinary winter was like this blow.










冬天英语作文 篇4

  Winter like a clean little girl, covered with white, even the curtains are also changed from the golden white.

  Winter wearing a white velvet hat, wearing a white sweater, feet wearing a pair of white boots, like a lovely white pompon in general. It used chubby little hands, commanders snow sister to fly to the earth, to clear the dirt there. Snowy sister listening to the winter command, dancing with a beautiful hexagonal body, falling on the earth. Soon, the earth will be a vast expanse of white, became the snow world.

  Came to the campus, I was pleasantly surprised by the sight of the beautiful: pine and cypress covered with a layer of silver-white clothes, like a row of heroic gentleman in the post on duty, graceful. Rose flower wearing a white scarf, put on a white dress, like a tall queen.

  Ah! Winter is so beautiful, so beautiful, so cute! I love the winter, but also love the group of lively and lovely snow sister.

冬天英语作文 篇5

  The weather in winter is a set of all the phenomena in a given atmosphere at a given time. It also includes interactions with the hydrosphere.

  The term usually refers to the activity of these phenomena over short periods (hours or days), as opposed to the term climate, which refers to the average atmospheric conditions over longer periods of time. when used without qualification, weather" is understood to be the weather of Earth.

  winter is cold. Let’s play the snowball and make snowman. The snowman is big . I like to play snowball. I am on the snow. The snow is cold. I have a scarf and coat. So I am not cold. I like the Christmas. Because I can see santa clus in Christmas . Christmas tree is beautiful. The presents are on the Christmas tree. I like winter. Do you like winter?

冬天英语作文 篇6

  I love my hometown, I love my hometown deep green spring; I love my hometown the scorching summer; I love my hometown autumn fruit fragrance; I love my hometown more unique scenery of winter. In my eyes, it's cold. In the howling north wind, enjoy a ray of sunshine, is also a luxury. Passing by the people, despite the full armed, but they can not help but beat up the tremble. Usually bustling streets, too, but no past "style". People rush to work, in a hurry to ride on their own car, do not want to stay in this cold world for a while, even a second! In my eyes, it is white. In the morning, when you wake up, open the window, you will find that the mountains, rivers, trees, houses all over a layer of white snow. As far as the rivers and mountains, into a snow-covered landscape of the world. Look at those nearby, leafless trees, covered with fluffy, shiny silver, while those evergreen pine and cypress, is covered with fluffy, heavy snow. A gust of wind blowing, the trees gently swaying, the beautiful silver and snowball began to fall down, jade crumbs like snow foam, fluttering in the wind. In my eyes, it's a pleasure. Every time, I will be the girl airs aside, to a world of snow. And friends make snowmen in the snow, snowball, the joyous screams, shouts, the branches on the snow falling down. The cold winter, white winter, a pleasant winter is really unforgettable, let me lead a person to endless aftertastes!

  我热爱我的家乡,我喜欢家乡绿意浓浓的春天;我喜欢家乡骄阳似火的夏天;我喜欢家乡瓜果飘香的秋天;我更喜欢家乡风光独特的冬天。 我眼中,是寒冷的。在那呼啸的北风中,享受一丝阳光,也是奢侈的。过路的人尽管“全副武装”,但都不禁打起了哆嗦。平时热闹非凡、人多嘴杂的街道,却再也没有往日的“风采”了。赶着上班的人们,匆匆的骑驶着自己的车子,不愿意在这寒冷的世界里多留一会儿,哪怕一秒! 我眼中,是洁白的。清晨,当你睡醒之后,打开窗户,你会发现:那山川、河流、树木、房屋全部笼罩上了一层白茫茫的积雪。极目远眺,万里江山,变成了一个粉妆玉砌的世界。看近处,那些落光了叶子的树木上,挂满了毛茸茸、亮晶晶的银条,而那些冬夏常青的柏树和松树上,则挂满了蓬松松、沉甸甸的雪球。一阵风吹过,树木轻轻摇晃着,那美丽的银条和雪球就簌簌落落的掉下来,玉屑似的雪沫,随风飘扬。 我眼中,是愉快的。每到那时,我就会将女孩特有的矜持抛开,走向雪的世界。与伙伴们在雪地里堆雪人、掷雪球,那欢乐的喊声、嬉闹声,把树枝上的雪都震落下来。 寒冷的冬天、洁白的冬天、愉快的冬天真令人难忘,让我回味无穷!

冬天英语作文 篇7

  Winter is relatively tasteless, can be a snow about two. The snow has decorated the dry winter, making the winter full of vitality.

  Spring flowers and winter snow. This makes it comparable to spring in winter. It is late autumn, winter has not arrived yet, have felt the chill of winter.

  When I opened the curtain to see the sky fluttering snowflakes are what kind of surprise? My brain out of many snow:

  The first is Li Bai's "snow in Yanshan".

  Open the window and saw the gorgeous trees like the tree, they sing out of his "nature as night spring, thousands of pear trees".

  To see the roof, the roof on the snow, think of Mao Zedong's "mountain dance, wax". - of course, this mountain is the roof, the field is the car.

  Open the door, came to the yard, and Li Bai's "painting Hall of the morning, to report snowflakes flying".

  See someone to hold the dog out of the house, this is not "Chapman heard barking, snowy night."? Of course, no gate, nor yeguiren, but the morning, go for a walk to see the snow. Who would want to miss this autumn snow?

  I have to walk through the snow in the sky flying.










冬天英语作文 篇8

  It is cold and dry outside.

  The wind often blows strongly. The days are shorter and the nights are longer. Many animals go to sleep. They will sleep for a long time till the spring comes. People don’t like to go outside. They have to wear heavy coats, scarves and gloves. But children like to be outside. Because it often snows. There is snow around. There is ice on the ground. Children can throw snowballs, make the snowmen. Oh, look. What a surprise! Do you see? The river is frozen! Here come the boys, there come the girls, they are skating in the river happily.

  Oh! Winter comes. It is really an interesting season. It has so much fun!

冬天英语作文 篇9

  There are four seasons in a year, each season has different sceneries, and I like winter best when a magnificent view of the snow. Heavy snow in winter, it seems people came to a quiet and tastefully laid out and quiet realm, came to a glistening thoroughly tick the fairy tale world. Loosen the fragrance, the ice snow sweet, give a person a kind of cool YingYing consolation. Everything is in filtration, everything in the sublimation, even my soul also at purification, become pure and beautiful.

  Dusk of snow, deep cut, as if there were, and countless emotions like water, raging, generally can drown everything, there's a uncover the bare CangTouLouWei feels. Snowflakes form myriad, shining brilliantly, like the names of the warrior, be covered with silver of armor, and like pieces of white sails in the war voyage... In a snow scenery magnificent, between heaven and earth, unaware of monochromatic, can only see a silver, as though the whole world with silver to decorate and become. Columns, the continuous snow world, decorated with QiongZhi jade leaf, pink outfit jade and bricks Hao ran monochromatic, was a complete snow scene. Even gratifying I love, I love white snow, I love the winter. Winter is the mind rings. Winter, although very cold, but it has incomparable warmth and hope.