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冬天英语作文 篇1

  Spring, flowers, to outshine each other; In the summer, everywhere is full of vitality; In the cool autumn, goldwind around the scene of bumper crops; And winter snow, vanity build by laying bricks or stones jade, it is my favourite season.

  In winter, I like the snow, because learning can make the world become vanity jade build by laying bricks or stones, like a girl with silver, very beautiful. When it snows, glittering and translucent white snow or spread, flying, like a dandelion flying, dancing with wind; Just like the silver butterflies with the wind from the dancing a waltz in the sky to the earth; Appears that willo white girl in for mother earth ornament... This is what a beautiful sight, how likeable, how relaxed and happy making a person!

  After a heavy snow, in every corner of the world into a silvery white, particularly beautiful. Campus, everywhere is white. The children have a snowball fight with merriment, waves of happy laughter echoed in the campus.

  The snow girl as cover crops in the fields thick quilt, make them have a good winter in his sleep.

  In the woods, the snow girl pressure on the bare branches, for the tree wrapped in a cloak, make the trees no longer appears bare, no longer drab.

  Road, snow girl lying quietly, make line passing people feel the beauty of the winter, winter.

  Hillside, snow girl for slopes put on cotton-padded jacket. From a distance, the hill were beautiful, sparkling in the sun.

  In winter, the world became a silver; In winter, the world is full of poetic. I love winter!










冬天英语作文 篇2

  Two days ago, the weather forecast predicted that the cold Wind would blow and today, early in the morning, I felt the chillness. The weather changes so quickly that it is very cold in the afternoon. I started to feel sleepy in the class, but I tell myself to keep focus. Winter is not the excuse to loosen attention.


冬天英语作文 篇3

  In winter, not spring flowers, the scenery pleasant, is not so scorching summer, thunder and lightning; Not so fruitful, autumn leaves fly: but it brings us a flying snowflakes.

  In the morning, I opened the Windows look: snowflakes slowly float, like photo, such as catkin, like QingYouYou goose feather, like dandelion seeds, there are endless leisure, and just like the beautiful YinDie dance in the courtyard, also seems to be a group of white elf, floating in the air, spinning, finally slowly fell on the ground, into numerous small water droplets of diamond.

  Under the deck of snow, the earth became a snow-white, vanity jade build by laying bricks or stones in the world. Nearby, some dead branches of the trees covered with a layer of fluffy, soft snow at the end of the son. While the summer and winter evergreen trees, covered with a bead pearly snow to seed. Hits the trees under the white foil as one by one, beautiful girl. The wind blows, the branches gently shaking, the silver light flashing to seed, snow snow son, at the end of the float down from the trees and leaves. Looked at the beautiful snow, I can't help but sigh: "like night of spring breeze comes suddenly, thousands of critics, pear tree to open!"

  Looked at the snow outside the window, I involuntarily stretch out his arms, outside the window a little a few times, laid the palm of my hand, only light water lines. I stretched out a helping hand to the sky, and to god for a few snow flower, god seems to heart, after a while, a few naughty snow girl is slipped from my hand up into my mouth. The snow that I closed my eyes then experience the taste of cool and refreshing slowly into my heart.

冬天英语作文 篇4

  Autumn passed, and winter came, came to the road, the howl of the north wind howling, roar like a hungry Wolf tore heart crack lung voice, like an enchanting spectacular ballet dancer turned up the shape of the figure.

  Drumming, atishoo! Hurried footsteps, yet because of the cold and sneezing echoed on the street. Red, white, gray, black, wearing trench coat, coat, woolen sweater to choose a suitable text book people wear thick clothes, curled up the body, under the attacks of the oncoming wind, impassable, they shouted angrily "! The winter is coming."

  Came before the stream, hand gently on the surface of the water, just touched the water, is the water flushed with bite. At the bottom, hey, where's the teeming with lovely fish? Probably due to the arrival of winter settled down at the bottom. Looked at the empty water and frozen red hand, I can't help but sigh: oh, the winter is coming! Came to a forest, on the gold leaf blanket, I as if there is the picture in your mind: pieces of golden leaves by ruthless winter wind down, and left the shelter of the master, falling to the ground. Achieve its final value, quietly into the soil. I seem to see its don't give up and tears, as if to hear the sigh of: well, the winter is coming. Winter, is always so sad, always so quietly, so quietly go to choose a suitable text book




冬天英语作文 篇5

  If winter comes

  If winter comes, the leaves on the trees drop light, the north wind whistling, The earth a depression spectacle. The river caked with thick ice. People around scarf wearing gloves, wearing sections of the cotton-padded jacket, but still difficult to resist invasion of cold cold red face.

  Winter is a DiShuiChengBing, HaQi into frost season. Winter ferment a silvery dream. Winter girl gift - snowflakes, give children brought joy. Lo, children overcoated some in the skiing, some in snowball fights, some is in a snowman, and still working on the snow, silver-coated world forever stay.

  Snowflakes drifting down from the sky slowly, really like pieces of plum flower! Fall on the ground, the white people trample on top, and squeak cheerful singing, like.

  I love the winter, the more love beautiful snow. Snow, is also the symbol of winter. Winter if less snow, it can only be called winter, can't call winter. You know why is this? That is because, under burming sun, rain, wind, snow is chun xia qiu dong's messenger. If less angel, people cannot produce a kind of idea: the winter of this year how come so suddenly?

  I love the winter, but I more notice its angel - snowflakes. As the saying goes: good harest. Snow lets the farmer uncle smile more splendid. Snow also give children bring unique joy.