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  French painter Ji Lei one day to attend a banquet, the banquet has a short stature came to him in front of him a deep bow, ask him to be apprentice. Ji Lei looked at the man and found that he was a lack of two arms of the disabled, it mildly refused him, and said: I think you are probably not very convenient painting it? But that person does not care, immediately Said: No, although I have no hand, but there are two feet. Then, they asked the owner to take the paper and pen, sitting on the ground, with his toes with a pen strokes up. Although he is a foot painting, but the painting is very good, it is seen under some hard work. The presence of the guests, including Ji Lei, are touched by his spirit. Ji Lei is very happy, immediately received him as apprentice. This short man since the worship of mine as a teacher, more hard study **, a few years of time will be famous in the world. He is the famous armless painter Dizner.

  Revelation: no hand can become a painter, would not it be incredible? This story tells us that there must be exclusion of all perseverance and perseverance, you can create a miracle, so that others can not do things. As long as the effort, will appear miracle.




  Guo is a proletarian cultural fighter of our country. He was born in 1892 in Leshan, Sichuan, Suishan Yuxiu, foam water bell spirit of the town - sand Bay. Guo Moruo four years and a half into the Suishan Museum reading, where spent eight spring and autumn. Guo Moruo in the private school teachers training, read Tang poems three hundred, thousands of poems and many other ancient books. Therefore, he was less than seven years old, had been able to write full of good couplet and poetry.

  Guo Moruo in the young age is very sympathetic to the difficulties of students. One day, he met in Leshan Taiping field reading friend Yu Tongsheng, saw the small face expression of frustration, a careful question, I learned that he can not afford to pay tuition fees, forced to drop out. Guo Moruo thought,

  Yu Yu clever studious, very ambitious, and now half-way drop out of school, and more pity ah! So he warmth to comfort Xiao Yu said: Do not be sad, I went to find a private school teacher seeking love, let him accept you free of charge. On the spot made a couplet, gave the private school teacher. Who knows, Mr. private school took the couplet, only looked at his eyes, it was indifferent thrown to the side. Guo Mo made anxious, and Ran ink plummeted, made a seven pity Yu Tongsheng: Xuehai vast courtyard Sen, no silver can not worship Dacheng. I hope my teacher Shi grace, with the sick should be. Mr. private school read this The first love of the seven poems, deeply moved, and soon to avoid Yu Tongsheng tuition, so that he can continue to study.

  郭沫若是我国卓越的无产阶级文化战士。他于1892 年生于四川乐山“绥山毓秀,沫水钟灵”的古镇——沙湾。郭沫若四岁半便进“绥山馆”读书,在这里度过了八个春秋。郭沫若在私塾先生的训导下,读《唐诗三百首》、《千家诗》等许多古书。因此,他不到七岁,就已能写出满不错的'对联诗词




  As far as the Northern Song Dynasty, Fujian will be called the East Yang Jia Jinshi, he particularly likes to study knowledge, find friends everywhere, had studied in Luoyang famous scholar Cheng Hao door. Cheng Hao after the death of Yang will be recommended to his brother Cheng Yimen, Yokoyama in Luoyang Yokoyama school built in school. Yang was then more than 40 years old, knowledge is also quite high, but he is still modest and prudent, not arrogant and impatient, respect for teachers, deep Cheng Yis favorite, Cheng Yi as a proud students, - day, Yang Shigong - from the school ** to ask for advice, but unfortunately the teacher is taking a nap in the house. Yang will advise the health do not wake up the teacher, so the two stood still, and other teachers wake up. - a while, the day floating from the goose feathers, the more the next urgent, Yang and the health but also standing in the snow, swim is really can not stand, several times to wake up Cheng Yi, Yang was blocked. Until Cheng Yi - wake up, only to find the two snowman outside! Since then, Cheng Yi deeply moved, more dedicated to teach Yang, Yang did not live up to expectations, and finally learned all the teachers knowledge. After Yang returned to the south to spread Chengs science, and the formation of an exclusive school, the world called Mr. Kameyama. Descendants will use the Chengmengxuexue this allusions, to praise those who learn the teacher door, sincere Zhizhi, respect for teachers and students.